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Hello and welcome to a-flat My name is Adrian and I was born January 1972 so you can work out my age. I've noticed that you put on weight a lot easier as you get older regardless of how slim you were when you were young. This weight gained was especially evident in the stomach area. The need to be more conscience of your health dramatically increases with age.

I created this website to express my opinions and views on gaining a flat stomach and help you make an informed decision before buying any abs programs.

In my younger years I was naturally slim, but over the years my belly increased in size. My waist size grew to 36 inches (which was big for me) and I became desperate to do something about this. Unfortunately I was under the preconceived idea that if I did 50 to 100 sit-ups a day this would flatten my stomach, strengthen my abdominal muscles and eventually produce my desired 6 pack abs. I also thought I could have a flat stomach very quickly; in just a few weeks. I couldn't have been more wrong!

With trial and error and now success I'm on my way to a flatter stomach. My lessons learned inspired me to put together this website. The ability to gain and maintain a flatter stomach is now a hobby of mine and I'm happy to share useful information which I hope will be of benefit to you.

So what did I do?

Like a lot of people I targeted all my exercises and energy to my belly. Performing strenuous stomach exercises exclusively in the form of ab crunches and sit-ups. Not only did I fail to get a flat stomach but I began to feel discouraged. The idea of having six pack abs was becoming an impossible achievement. Such an approach is called 'spot toning' or 'spot exercising'. You can target and exercise a particular part of your body but to see physical changes you need a flat stomach program that targets the whole body.

One thing that I knew for certain getting a flat stomach was not going to be as simple as I thought. I needed to know more than the limited knowledge I had at the time.

I began to educate myself the best way I knew how - by studying and following what people with 6 pack abs do. I learnt through study, observation and practice:

Such a combination of knowledge allowed me to adopted a new plan to achieving my goal.

My personal conclusion through my experience taught me the following:

Have you ever been to a fire training session or fire awareness training? If you have you would have been show this diagram.

Fire traingle

The fire triangle or the combustion triangle. The simple ingredients necessary for a fire.

Heat, fuel and oxygen are the three elements that make up a fire. To put a fire out you just need to take away any one of these elements.


Using this simple approach I have found that the following three factors are the key to successfully obtain a flat stomach. Exercise, diet and motivation.

Flat stomach triangleExercise - This includes cardio, aerobic exercises, weight training, stomach exercises - basically all forms of exercises that are recommended to flatten your stomach.

Diet - This is not a starvation approach. In fact quite the contrary. You'll find that experts recommend you eat healthier foods more regularly, up to four to six meals a day. The key is to consume fat burning foods. There are many supplements such as diet pills on the market that you can take, however I do not recommend that you do this.

Motivation - Something that must not be overlooked. This is an important ingredient to working towards toned abs. Taking the right steps to motivate yourself is what's needed here.

So there's the process I took to get into a shape, sticking to what is completely natural and achievable. Have all three of these ingredients and you'll be on your way to your ultimate goal of a flat stomach. Eliminate just one of these factors and you'll find yourself struggling. This might not happen immediately but after a while you'll begin to fall back into your old habits and eventually give up.

This website I hope will give you useful information and be of considerable benefit to you. My best wishes to you in obtaining a flat stomach.