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The best flat stomach exercises

Listed here are the best flat stomach exercises. I'm not talking about the best abs exercises that develop your abdominal muscles, but the best exercises that will help reduce the size of your tummies - to lose stomach fat.

These are not your traditional workouts usually associated with flat stomach exercises, but each of these exercises have their benefits and contribute to flattening your stomach areas.

Now abdominal exercises are great at strengthening and toning your middle but these exercises actually burn the layer of fat on your tummies whilst strengthening abs muscles. By doing regular ab exercises you will automatically engage your abs muscles to contract whilst performing these two particular exercises.

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Sprint 8 workout

Flat stomach exercise - sprinting Sprint workouts are one of the greatest exercises for incinerating body fat, toning your middle, strengthening muscles, increasing lung capacity and boosting your metabolism for days. Have you ever seen an olympic sprinter with a fat stomach? Whether a male or female sprinter these athletes have one of the most defined middles in the sporting world.

There is a level of fitness needed to perform this particular workout called the 8 sprint workout and it is recommended that you spend 6 to 8 weeks progressively working yourself up to perform the 8 sprint workout.

Find a location where you can run without interruptions or obstructions to do your sprint training workout.

Start with warm up exercises for 10 minutes including stretches of your hamstrings, thighs and calves.

Start with a jogging pace then after about 2 minutes sprint. Do your first sprint at around 60 percent intensity. Sprint for 20 seconds at this pace.

Recover for 2 minutes by walking back to the start. It is important that you keep moving, do not stop to catch your breath.

Sprint for the second time at 80 percent intensity for 20 seconds and again recover for 2 minutes by walking back to the start.

Now on your third sprint and for the rest of your sprints run at 100 percent intensity; this is you sprinting as fast as you can for 20 seconds.

The recovery period for maximum sprint intensity is now 4 minutes. Recover, as before, by walking back to your starting position to allow your heart rate to slow.

You continue the sprints at your maximum intensity pushing yourself . Remember the recovery period for your maximum intensity sprints is 4 minutes.

You may find when you start this sprint 8 workout that you are only able to do between 4 - 6 sprints in total. This is normal. Your aim is to reach the 8 sprints level.

The maximum times per week to perform this sprint 8 workout is 3 times per 7 days. If you really want to build up your endurance after around 8 - 10 weeks increase your sprint times to 30 seconds.

Swimming the sprint 8 workout

Swimming the 8 sprint workoutOther than sprinting, swimming burns just as much calories and fat. It is one of the few exercises that works all the muscle groups improving strength and flexibility, enhances your stamina and balance, and increases your metabolism. Swimming the sprint 8 workout is a great way to flatten your stomach.

The benefits to swimming over sprinting is that you are putting less pressure on your joints such as your ankles, knees and lower back and yet you produce the same results as sprinting.

To do the pool sprint you need to be able to swim at least 25 yards (around 23 meters).

Start the first swim of 25 yards at an easy, comfortable freestyle pace.

Swim using the freestyle stroke for 25 yards at a sprint pace at 60 percent intensity. Recover for 2 minutes swimming at an easy pace. The recovery stroke can be back stroke or breast stroke. The key is to keep moving during the recovery period.

Sprint the second freestyle stroke at 80 percent intensity. Again for recovery swim at a easy pace for 2 minutes.

Now for the third swim, sprint at 100 percent intensity. As fast as you can for 25 yards. The recovery period for 100 percent intensity swim is 4 minutes.

Repeat the remaining forth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth swimming sprints at 100 percent intensity with recovery periods of 4 minutes between.

Your aim is to do 8 swimming sprints in total. For starting out you may only be able to do between 4 - 6 sprints which is normal. Continue this exercise 3 times a week maximum and you will be able to perform the workout up to the total of 8 swimming sprints.


Whether you chose to do the sprint 8 workout or swim the sprint 8 workout is completely your preference. Both these exercises burn the same calories. You do have the option to do both; an option for those of you who want to mix it up!

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