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Foods play a vital role in reducing your waist size. There are types of foods you can eat that will help burn belly fat. How? Basically the food eaten will burn more calories in the body than the calories contained within the food itself therefore calling on the reserved stored fat.

Your body uses its energy to digest food. If the energy used digesting foods is higher than the energy within the consumed foods then it is referred to as fat burning foods or negative calorie foods.

The best way to lose weight around the stomach is to exercise along with eating and drinking the right foods.

The goal for you here is to know what foods help burn belly fat, reduce your cravings without the need to increase your food calorie intake and help you gain a more healthy lifestyle.

Please note that a diet that only consist of negative calorie foods or a diet that is made of only one particular food group is not advised and is harmful in the long run for your health.

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List of fat burning foods

Here are a list of the best fat burning foods to assist your stomach exercise plan. Clearly, selecting one particular food or drink alone is not going to be satisfactory for significant weight loss. But combined with a balanced diet and 4-5 small meals a day will significantly aid towards weight loss.

Lemon Warm Juice
Lemon waterDrinking a glass of warm water with one squeezed lemon every morning will help your digestive system. It is important for your digestive system to be working properly for your body to burn fat. If your digestive system is not working correctly it becomes difficult for your body to use and retrieve nutrients necessary for burning stomach fat.
Lemon is a great source of vitamins and minerals to ward off colds, increase the acidity in your digestion process increasing the efficiency of the breakdown of food consumed and detoxifying your body.

Milk, Cheese and Yogurt
milk cheese yogurtMilk, cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium which helps increase the breakdown of stored fat. Milk contains complex sources of carbohydrates which enables your body to keep insulin levels low. High insulin levels increases the storage of fat in the body – excess insulin levels and high storage of fat can lead to diabetes.
With diary products use semi or skimmed milk with low fat cheeses and yogurts.

Green Tea
green teaGreen tea contains EGCG a chemical that increases the function of the brain, the nervous system and helps the body burn more calories.
Research has found that green tea increased your metabolism but only slightly. Drinking green tea is a good to include in your diet for reducing tummy fat.


chicken breast

Chicken or Turkey
Chicken and turkey are great sources of high protein. It is recommended that you use the lean parts of such as the chicken or turkey breasts. It is also recommended to remove the skin before cooking reduces the calories (fat).


waterStrange as it may seem but water is a fat burning food. Our bodies are made up of 70% of water and needs water daily to remain in good healthy. The recommended amount of water needed is between 1.5 and 2 litres a day (8 – 10 glasses). Water helps cleanse the body, flushing out toxins, regulate body temperature and is the means by which nutrients travel to your organs. Continually drinking more water flushes out all the retained water your body has stored in survival mode.

Jalapenos habaneros cayenne

Jalapenos, Habaneros and Cayenne Chiles
Jalapenos, Habaneros and Cayenne Chiles are favoured for speeding up your heart rate and boosting your metabolism. Their spicy flavours are good for jazzing up meals and snacks which may be considered bland. Research has found that one who consumes chile peppers burn more calories than persons who don't. So not only can these peppers spice up your new food diet but they also help burn more calories.

Tuna, Salmon And Sardines
Tuna salmon sardinesSalmon, tuna and sardines all contain fish oils known as Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 lowers the level the hormone leptin in your body. Leptin is a protein hormone that regulates energy intake and energy expenditure. The more body fat on a person the more leptin there is in the body. By reducing the levels of leptin you effectively increase caloric burn.
Lower leptin levels have also been found to correlate with faster metabolisms.

lean beef

Lean Beef
Beef, lean beef is rich in protein which your body works hard to digest therefore boosting your metabolism. The more energy needed to digest your lean beef the more calories needed. The important point here is that it is lean beef, not the T-bone steaks with fat but top round cuts.

Whole Grain Cereal
whole grain

Whole grain cereal is a rich source of fibre. The presence of complex carbohydrates and fibre boost your metabolism and help keep insulin levels low. The more insulin levels in the body the more the body goes to storing fat. Whole grain assists your body in burning more calories.

The above list are not only fat burning foods but are foods that have a wide variety of recipes producing a varied choice of tastes. This will make you less likely to get bored with eating!

And remember a diet is only a part of the ingredients to a flat stomach. You need to ensure you have all the factors.