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How to get a flat stomach fast

There are various promises made that you can get a flat stomach fast and such statements are entirely possible however the problem with this approach is that for many it rarely works. Why? The weight we gain, whether through over eating, getting older, lack of physical activity happens gradually over a very long period of time, this can be over a number of years.

We often stop to notice the weight gained when we look at an older photo compared to a recent one or if we look in the mirror and notice the weight on our faces, or hips, bottoms, stomachs, wrists, ankles or breasts. We never notice the gradual increase in weight, only the significant weight gained and then we want to do something about it. If we gradually increase in weight over a period of time then losing weight will be the same processes ā€“ gradually over a period of time!

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The fast flat stomach methods

The fast methods of losing stomach weight involves diet pills, patches, starvation, excessive exercises and surgery; these will work initially but with consequences.

Starvation method - starving yourself to lose stomach fat will work for a while but then your body will go into survival mode and very little will change. Once you see no change you gladly revert to your old eating habits.

Pills - diet pills may help you lose belly fat over a short period of time but what of the side affects? Are there major health risks with the pill method? Do you have to take the pills for the rest of your life? Are they expensive? Will this method keep the weight off permanently? Iā€™m sorry but for me taking pills is not an option at all! Diet patches are similar to pills.

Excessive exercising - with excessive intensive exercises you may start off with every good intention to get a toned stomach, but your body is not used to this high activity. The result will be that you will over exert yourself and give up or worse injure yourself.

Gastric Bypass ā€“ Stomach reducing surgery is to radically help one lose stomach fat. This is achieved by reducing the stomach size. This is the last resort where all other attempts have failed. It is also the option for clinical and morbidly obese individuals. The risks for such surgery are life threatening. Long before undergoing surgery, you must pass through the qualification process. You must be deemed physically and psychologically fit enough to withstand the surgery and adapt to your new lifestyle.

Plastic Surgery ā€“ Nipping and tucking the love handles away is a fast way to lose the additional stomach fat. Apart from being extremely expensive, cutting away excess stomach fat will not cut away the reasons why you gained the weight in the first place.

So how can I lose stomach fat fast?

You will not have six pack abs in 2 weeks, or lose considerable tummy fat in 7 minutes, but you will lose stomach fat at a much faster rate if you follow a detailed flat abs program. What you need to do is combine a healthy diet, a flat stomach workout and a motivated, positive attitude to achieve a flat stomach.

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